Strongbox Access Render
Instant on demand rendering 24/7 365

Strongbox Access Render offers a seamless fast rendering solution that works for every individual and company that uses GPU and CPU rendering software.

GPU rendering and CPU rendering made easy:

  • Remote GPU rendering on Strongbox’s ultra-fast 8xGPU chassis, use by frame, time or rent per week
  • Remote rendering on Strongbox’s AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ ExStream servers, use by frame, scene, or rent per week
  • Access Render Cloudburst on demand rendering using Google, AWS and Azure cloud services
  • Access Render management software incorporating remote rendering and Cloudburst on demand installed on your sites for Cloudburst using Google, AWS and Azure cloud services without the setup and configuration costs
  • Colocate your hardware in a local Strongbox data centre, a 24/7 managed CPU/GPU cloud burstable render farm that scales with your time and budgetary confinements. Using Access Render stops the need to go through difficult setup routines, cluster management and network load balancing allowing you to get on with rendering and delivering your scenes on time.
  • Design, build and supply of the fastest rendering machines available from HPC workstations

Accelerate your workflow with GPU rendering onsite and in The Cloud. All our options include low latencies and tuned GPU compute cards to minimise wasted GPU cycles. Strongbox are experts in the field of GPU High Performance Compute 24/7 rendering servers, many of which are onsite in large animation and VFX studios. These super compute servers have been tested to be amongst the fastest production computers ever built. However, the days of having machine rooms onsite are numbered with many CTOs agree that moving to the data centre is key. For companies who do not wish to purchase onsite hardware Strongbox can rent or lease instant access time on inhouse servers at our data centre in London.

Access Render have evolved a total software management rendering system which does not involve any preset up or cost or programing and it enables files to be transferred of any size through our dedicated data centre in London directly to Google, AWS or Microsoft without any advance set up or cost. It is a seamless process which works to facilitate the rendering of small and large scenes, easily, quickly and with 100% reliability.


Instant access – Get rendering within 30 minutes*

All the advantages of Access Render Cloudburst installed on your onsite hardware in house with the Cloudburst managed by Strongbox with no configuration fees or set up time.

  • No set up cost
  • No set up time
  • Superfast GPU rendering on the fastest production GPU servers in the world.
  • Superfast CPU rendering
  • Cloudburst rendering to blitz or finish those mega jobs using Google, Amazon and Microsoft and our best pricing calculator
  • 24/7 service 365
  • Pay by Credit Card, Direct Debit or Paypal
No minimum or maximum time, competitive costs and no user set up or configuration needed.

Access Render Cloudburst rendering using Google, AWS and Azure

Setting up cloud based render services has proven challenging for many corporate entities due to the complexities of getting internal files processed in such a way so that they will be rendered in cloud services the same way and with the same instructions as an onsite rendering setup.

The configuration involved in this is nearly always days of work and in some cases weeks of coding, just to get your work done on a cloud based service. There is a massive cost to this depending on whether it is done using senior in house IT staff or external IT services companies.


thank you for getting the job done in extremely tough circumstances – the client is delightedJames Dean

Access Render management software incorporating remote rendering and Cloudburst on demand installed on your sites for Cloudburst without the costs

  • All the advantages of Access Render Cloudburst installed on your onsite hardware in house with the Cloudburst managed by Strongbox with no configuration fees or set up time.
  • Colocate your hardware in a Strongbox data centre and have it managed 24/7 so you still have total control with Access Render Cloudburst on demand built on top for huge scenes
  • Design, build and supply of the fastest rendering machines available from HPC workstations to onsite render farms with Access Render Cloudburst built in on top

Frequently Asked Questions

You can. However there is a substantial setup and cost. Depending the size of your network 5-20 days set up time will be required to reconfigure your network so that workflows can be seemlessly directed to any of the providers. We have been quoted £5,000 to £20,000 set up costs to do all this work. We would advise you to ensure to question any provider on their previous experience and ask for live referrals of companies they have successfully completed the work for and speak to them. Has the work come in on quoted budget and is it working successfully giving you the rendering you need with the support you need?

There also tends to be quite a lot of ongoing hand holding regarding uploading files and picking the best pricing package and workflow package to suit each project. The pricing structures the three big providers offer takes a bit of understanding so extra management time is needed from your end to keep on top of this. And of course which one do you go for? – They are all so good and better than each other, or so they will tell you. Or you could just let us do it all for you without paying £5-20,000 upfront and let us chose the best package dynamically for each of your projects so you get the most competitive pricing every time.

Access Render wholly owns its own GPU and CPU hardware which we rent to you in the first instance. Currently Render Access has 224,000 GPU nodes and 32,000 CPU nodes.

Render Access are resellers for Amazon. Google and Microsoft and we make a small margin on your usage of their services. The price you pay us is the same price you would pay them direct.

However you do not have any set up costs, caching costs or any other costs associated with cloud rendering.

You can. We can supply you with single and dual CPU machines, single and dual GPU machines and scalable 8x GPU render servers to create your own in house render farm. We can also manage these for you and build in the cloud burst ability on top so that you own and control your own render farm but when you need those extra nodes to finish a project you Cloudburst it up to the cloud instantly through AccessRender and get the job finished.

You can rent as many GPU and CPU nodes you like for online instant remote access. Workflows are identical to you having your own machines onsite under the desk or in your machine room but you don’t have the issue of heat, air conditioning, electric or noise, just seamless access 24/7 365 on hardware you control exclusively. As with all our offerings Cloudburst can be built in on top of your rented nodes so that when you need that extra global power of Amazon, Google or Microsoft – its there ready for a frame, per minute or per month to get those mega projects finished within deadline.

Strongbox manufacture high performance computers and through customer requirements have built thousands of some of the fastest rendering boxes available. It was a logical step as so many customers ask about cloud rendering to put Strongboxes own Render Farms in instant colocations and offer these to customers for rental or purchase. Having cloudburst available on top gives our customers total cloud rendering accessibility but with many advantages over anything else available in the world.

You tell us what you need – forget about what you are doing or have done – what do you really want to do? Also don’t take into account everything you have been told or read, at Access Render we do everything differently so you get the remote rendering power you need when you need it cost effectively.

You answer a few straightforward questions and open an online account with us

Strongbox set you up remotely or onsite

You upload the project to the Access Render ExStream server

Access render facilitate the work

Your files are downloaded complete and finished as you have directed including complex file structures.

You have help available online throughout the process