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Cogeco Peer 1, a global provider of essential business-to-business products and services, today announces a partnership with computer manufacturer Strongbox Technology. Producing ultra-reliable superfast computers, Strongbox is based in the iconic Pinewood Studios. The collaboration facilitates access to cutting-edge processing power and makes it available to anyone working remotely, anywhere in the world, via colocation of hardware in Cogeco Peer 1’s U.K. datacentre.

The partnership is timely as Cisco predicts annual global IP traffic will reach 3.3 zettabytes per year by 2021 and that the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2021, while globally-renowned analyst house Gartner predicts £1.7m per minute in IoT spending and one million new IoT devices will be sold every hour by 2021.

The managed cloud provider is part of the Cogeco Communications Inc. and is no stranger to this industry, with strong credentials through its subsidiary Cogeco Media. A full range of fast processing and rendering services, combined with cloud computing services is likely to be most popular with businesses that use small desktop units and high-speed broadband to produce and manage big data applications. Users will benefit from the increased security and convenience, of being able to manage this data remotely, in a specialist facility, without having capital expenditure.

Benefits will include reduced costs and risk, particularly as technology upgrades evolve and usage requirements scale. This partnership has been launched at the same time as office space in London comes at a higher premium than ever and companies look to scrap noisy, hot, energy consuming in-house datacentres. The “just in time” supply model that has been created, offers significant efficiencies over the “just in case” approach that has, until now, been available for high performance computing and processing power, for most businesses.

“We looked extensively for the right partner to work with to enable us to take the Strongbox Technology pay-as-you go business model to the next level. Cogeco Peer 1 demonstrated it has exceptional IT infrastructure, a deep understanding of the Film and TV industry, partnerships with the likes of Microsoft Azure and also a commitment to powering the potential of the businesses it works with. Cogeco Peer 1 understands that technology takes people too and has a track record of service excellence, which we felt would power our business as it makes this transition,” said Alastair Head, Business Development Director at Strongbox.

“Strongbox adds another dimension to the offering Cogeco Peer 1 can deliver to its customers,” said Susan Bowen, Vice President & General Manager, EMEA at Cogeco Peer 1.  “We are delighted to be working with another disruptive technology, particularly a British innovator that is transforming the way the business operates using the cloud.”

Strongbox Technology is U.K.-based and is working with Cogeco Peer 1 to supply remote workstations and render farms with secure super low latency access.

Cogeco Peer 1’s Managed Microsoft Azure service provides help relating to the day-to-day operational management of infrastructure within the Azure Cloud. To learn more about Cogeco Peer 1’s holistic range of Azure services spanning design and build, migration, management and connectivity visit

About Cogeco Peer 1:

Cogeco Peer 1 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. (TSX:CCA) and is a global provider of essential business-to-business products and services, such as colocation, network connectivity, managed hosting, cloud services and managed services, that allow customers across Canada, Mexico, the United States and Western Europe to focus on their core business. With 16 data centers, extensive FastFiber Network® and more than 50 points-of-presence in North America and Europe combined, Cogeco Peer 1 is a trusted partner to businesses small, medium and large, providing the ability to access, move, manage and store mission-critical data worldwide, backed by superior customer support. More information visit:

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Strongbox Technology is the first choice for high-performance computing power in Film, Media, Financial, Aerospace and Automotive. Strongbox Technology builds high performance computers utilizing CPU or GPU processing power to provide the fastest data processing available. Strongbox has built single tower HPC’s and filled data centres with render farms full of GPU or CPU high performance computing power. The hardware uses the very best technology available and each node is tuned to work with software used by media companies, film, VFX, VR, AR and animation giving huge rendering power and saving time and energy.  For more information visit: