100TB 12G Storage Server

Item model number SB-ST100TBNAS
Hard Drive Size 10x 10TB 7200RPM ULTRA 512E ISE
Hard Disk Technology SAS 12G
RAID Module Intel® RMS3CC080
LAN Connection Dual 10GbE
Power Source AC
PSU 1100W Redundant Power Supply
Expander Intel® 12GB 28 Port Expander
OS Drives 2x Rear Hot-swap Intel® S3510 120GB SSD
Operating System Windows 7, 10, Server 2012 R2, Linux
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Designed to deliver true enterprise class performance for customers with a diverse range of configuration challenges, this feature and specification rich 2U server system is packed with innovative new server technologies and is perfect for a variety of IT projects.

Powered by AMD® Ryzen® and Intel® Xeon® processors built on enterprise architecture delivering high IOPs performance, storage capacity, features and stability without compromising on quality or price. Packaged in a 2U rack dense server chassis, the Strongbox ST-2620×6 features twelve independent hot swappable hard disk drive bays, and supports both 2.5” or 3.5” disk drives. Configurable with up to 1.5TB of ECC registered DDR4 memory using 24x DIMM slots, dual Intel 10GbE ethernet ports (RJ45), a selection of optional data storage, I/O, RAID and management options, plus eight PCI-Express generation 3.0 expansion slots to suit organizations of any size.

Engineered from the ground up to deliver rock solid reliability as standard. Available with up to 100TB of available hard disk storage (using 10TB hard disk drives) the Strongbox ST-2620×1 is very versatile and with support for both 7,200 and 10,000rpm SATA 6Gb/s drives and 10,000/15,000rpm SAS 12Gb/s hard disk drives. Strongbox server solutions are designed to be very scalable, allowing maximum return on investment (ROI); and with the ST-2620×1’s rackmount design, resourceful CPU architecture and platinum efficient power supply also delivers an exceptionally low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Available pre-configured to a wide variety of common and market specific configurations.
All systems ship with a comprehensive 36 months (3 years) warranty, featuring next business day (NBD) engineer on-site support*.

Storage and Servers Driven by Open Source. Our Storage Servers can be installed with Ubuntu Server, Windows Server 2019, TrueNAS and TrueNAS Scale. Read why TrueNAS should included on your install.

1. It’s Both a SAN and a NAS
TrueNAS Unified Storage is hybrid or all-flash storage built on a modular, state-of-the-art hardware platform. TrueNAS is an enterprise storage array with the availability, performance, and features needed by your business applications. It unifies SAN and NAS in one appliance and provides a wide variety of services and protocols on top of a best-in-breed file system that guarantees data integrity at every step.

2. It’s Award Winning
Analysts say that TrueNAS is a winner. DCIG, a leader in storage analysis and a go-to resource for evaluating storage systems, rated TrueNAS as “Excellent” and gave it a “Best-In-Class” rating for hardware. This is higher than storage arrays from Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi and Nimble. DCIG shows that you can acquire the majority of the enterprise features as these big names for much less.

3. It’s Fast
TrueNAS gives you the performance you need with a cache-first design approach that delivers blistering performance from flash memory for your most frequently and recently accessed SAN and NAS data. TrueCacheTM combines RAM and nonvolatile flash with high-density spinning disks to give you the performance of an all-flash array with the capacity of an all-HDD one. It will save you money when you need to increase capacity or performance.

4. It’s Safe
TrueNAS ensures you retrieve the same data that you wrote. It checksums your data whenever it is written and verifies those checksums when data is read. It even checksums the metadata that describes the file system and allows you to periodically verify all checksums to determine if infrequently used data or backups are suffering from silent data corruption.

5. It’s Economical
Some storage vendors lead with lower-cost to get your business, but then require more money to unlock features or to increase capacity. TrueNAS offers a full suite of enterprise features right out of the gate. You can acquire a TrueNAS hybrid storage array with 120TB capacity for under $25,000. Other vendors, like Nexenta-based solutions can run you closer to $120,000 and EMC and NetApp can be over a quarter of a million dollars. There’s no question that TrueNAS is hands-down the best value in Hybrid Storage.















6. It’s The World’s Most Actively Developed Storage Array

TrueNAS is the most actively developed commercial storage software on the planet, made possible by the FreeNAS community TruNAS makes many of the features available on TrueNAS available in an Open Source platform to users who wish to design, deploy, and administer advanced storage systems on their own. This gives the FreeNAS, and therefore TrueNAS, codebase a larger pool of users and use case implementations than any major storage vendor.

7. It Saves on Physical Storage
TrueNAS Adaptive Compression (TAC) works with the TrueNAS file system to analyze a file and automatically determine whether the file is compressible, without any noticeable performance reduction. In fact, because TAC uses the CPU to compress data before writing data to the hard disks, it actually speeds up performance. TrueNAS also includes thin provisioning, which combined with the TAC means you have to purchase less physical storage for your critical business applications.

8. It’s Enterprise Ready

  • Expanding TrueNAS storage is simple and non-disruptive.
  • Every TrueNAS model supports data corruption protection, replication, file and block protocols, inline storage optimization, thin and thick provisioning, online capacity expansion, storage controller redundancy, hot spares, and redundant power and cooling.
  • When drives are inserted, their capacity becomes available for use, allowing for seamless capacity expansion without service interruption.
  • To add or increase cache, just insert a cache device, and it is available for use.
  • To upgrade any model to high availability, you simply add a second storage controller.
  • If you need to move between models to increase performance, it’s as easy as replacing storage controllers, and network controllers can be added for additional network connectivity. TrueCacheTM ensures cache coherency for High Availability systems.

9. It’s Certified by Leading Hypervisor Vendors
TrueNAS has been developed to meet Citrix, Microsoft and VMware standards and has been through each vendor’s certification process. TrueNAS supports their hypervisors and is integrated with VMware VAAI as well as Microsoft CSV, ODX, and VSS. TrueNAS provides instant and crash-consistent snapshots of any VMware VM, allowing you to replicate a VM and restart it. This makes TrueNAS ideal for any virtualized infrastructure.

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