8x GPU in 4U Rack HPC-8R

Brand Strongbox HPC-Series
Item model number SB-HPC-8R
Color Black Front
Processor Brand Intel®
Processor Type Intel E5-2620v4
Processor Speed 2.1Ghz with 3.0GHz Turbo Boost
Processor Socket Socket 2011-3
Processor Count  16 cores with 32 threads
RAM Size 256GB DDR4 2133MHz
Hard Drive Size 500GB SSD 100K IOPS
Hard Disk Technology SATA, M.2.
Drive Bays 6x 2.5″ Internal
Audio Details Not Available
Graphics Card Description 8x 10GB Nvidia RTX 3080 1706MHz
Graphics RAM Type VRAM
Graphics Card Ram Size  10GB
Power Source AC


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After the long hard working in HPC field, Strongbox now presents the GPU server SB-HPC-8R, the R denotes this is the same spec that we used to break the OctaneBench record late June of this year. Utilising optimised thermal design for both CPUs and GPUs, Strongbox HPC-8R is the latest supercomputer based on Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family, featuring front parallel redundant fan placement and dedicated air-tunnel for individual GPUs, six hot-swappable 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD bays, 2+1 80 PLUS Platinum 1600W CRPS, 8x PCI-E Gen3 x16 and 2x PCI-E Gen3 x8 expansion slots. Strongbox HPC-8R is targeted to hit 20Tera floating points with the latest generation GPU cards and achieve an outstanding performance result in Top500 and Green500.

The Octane Record (on 1080Ti, this system now features RTX 3080)

Using the Octane Render test – Octane Bench, this Strongbox 8GPU HPC smashed the previous record of 1498 for a Titan XP and a previous high of 1397 for an equivalent 1080Ti machine. Strongbox had taken over the OctaneBench podium with the highest score of 1620.82 and all top three places. Performing the benchmark test proves that our Strongbox 8x GPU 4U HPC has the best bang for buck performance ratio in the world, beating the Titan XP machines at half the cost. This beast has also been tamed with rock solid stability and GPU temperatures hitting a maximum of 51ºC on full load, in an ambient temperature of 22ºC while breaking the OctaneBench record.

This is a High-Performance Computer built for a customer and 48 hours after the record breaking endeavour it was installed on Jellyfish Animation’s render farm in London.

“You should see it run multiple instances of the same job at the same time!”

CTO of Jellyfish, Jeremy Smith

What does this mean for your company?

If you are GPU rendering and you want the absolute best value for money GPU render machine available in the world then you must consider this Strongbox HPC-8R. With Strongbox, you are not just buying the best components installed in a good chassis. You are buying into an ethos of years of R&D to produce the fastest HPC’s money can buy, optimised to work in your specific environment and backed up by the best warranty in the business – included. The time saving and benefits of this machine on your network, can be proven in any way you wish, so you know you are getting something so special compared to off the shelf products with inferior performance and excessive prices.

 Off Premises rendering

Strongbox can offer this machine hosted by Exponential E in one of their Data Centres so you get the all the benefits of instant super-fast GPU rendering without having to find rack space or have any of the associated on premises costs. Various financial packages are available around multiples of these machines so if you truly want or need the fastest GPU rendering available talk to us and we will build what you need at a cost you can afford.

High Density, Hybrid Computing Power

ESC8000 G3 is equipped with dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family CPUs, 24 DDR4 DIMMs and support up to eight dual-slot GPGPU; thus delivers high density computing power with scalable expansion capability and an intelligent thermal solution, making it an ideal choice for the applications in the field of life and medical science, engineering science, financial modeling and virtualization.

10 Flexible Expansion Slots for 8 GPUs and diverse LAN Cards Support

Supporting up-to-date Intel® Xeon Phi™ series, NVIDIA Tesla, Quadro, GeForce and GRID™ Family, as well as AMD FirePro S Series of GPU accelerators. Initially, high-density computing is designed specifically to pack greater processing power into a rack. In addition, there are PCI-E Gen3 slots (x8 links) for Low Profile HBA and proprietary networking cards using FDR and 10G interface.

Optimized Thermal Solution and Intelligent System Fan III for improved airflow and lower running costs

To provide the optimised thermal solution, ESC8000 G3 has the front parallel redundant fan placement which creates dedicated air tunnels for individual CPU and GPU; four fans in 1U height for CPU while eight fans in 2-3U height for GPU. Among the eight fans for GPU, four fans in front side play the role as the backup solution for another four running fans, offering the best thermal solution in a power-saving way.

2+1 CRPS (1600W 80 PLUS Platinum)

The Strongbox HPC-8R is equipped with two 1600W 80 PLUS Platinum level redundant power supplies with VR power efficiency up to 95% for energy savings, while the hot swappable design reduces power loss, improves power efficiency and saves more TCO for users.

Complete remote server management

The ASMB8-iKVM (IPMI 2.0-compliant) enables remote update BIOS, standalone KVM/Java utility, video recording and BSOD capture. Based on out-of-band management, even if the server operating system is down or offline, the KVM module can still provide round-the-clock remote monitoring and diagnosis through a user-friendly web-based graphical interface via all major browsers. In addition, ASWM Enterprise software provides one-to-multiple centralised management including BIOS flash, software dispatch, task scheduler, remote control, and power control, all through a colourful and informative graphical interface. Through ASUS remote management solution, the user could save time and effort on server management and troubleshooting.