NVIDIA A100 Certified AI Solution

£100,000.00 ex. VAT

Brand Strongbox AI Server
Item model number SB-AI8XA100S
Chassis Strongbox 4U AI Chassis
Processor Brand AMD
Processor Type EPYC 7352 24 Core 48 Thread
Processor Speed 2.3Ghz with 3.2GHz Turbo Boost
RAM Size 2048GB DDR4 3200Mhz
OS Drive 1TB Samnmsung NVMe M.2
Cache 2 TB Sabrent Rocket SSD
OS Win Server 2019
Graphics Card 8x NVIDIA Tesla A100
Grahics Card RAM VRAM
Grahics Card RAM Size 40GB
Network Interface Card Intel 4 x 10GB SFP+
Test 72 Hour Test Program
Support 9-5 Strongbox Technical Support
Warranty 3 Years with 1 hour call response



The most powerful AI supercomputing Server

The Strongbox A100 Certified AI server provides users with ultimate AI performance and ultra-high-speed bandwidth while offering powerful computing support for various AI scenarios such as intelligent customer service, financial analysis, smart city, and intelligent language processing.

  Record-Setting AI Performanc

Best single sever performance in the MLPerf v0.7 benchmark, setting 18 performance records and achieving 549,000 inferences per second   in the ResNet50 inference task.

  Extreme Hardware Design

8x fully interconnected NVLink 3.0 NVIDIA A100 GPUs, 2x AMD EPYC Rome processors enabling PCIe4.0 in 4U and delivering 5 petaFLOPS and high data throughput.

  Accelerating AI Training

Supports the latest A100 40/80G GPU with HBM2e, doubling the memory capacity of its predecessor and a 30% increase in GPU memory      bandwidth in a single node, delivering 15% performance increase in AI model training tasks with tens of billions of parameters.


AI 8x A100 GPU Solution 1
Strongbox 4U AI Chassis 1
2048GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM 1
AMD EPYC 7352 2
NVIDIA Tesla A100 GPU 8
1TB Samsung NVMe M.2 Pro 1
2TB Sabrent SSD 5000 MB/s SSD 1
Win Server 2019 1
4x 10GB Intel SFP+ 1
72 Hour test program 1
9-5 Strongbox technical support 1
3 Years onsite warranty with 1 hour call response 1