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If you haven’t heard of Inventor, allow me a moment to tell what it’s all about. Inventor is not a tool to assist or teach inventing, although an internet search of Inventor will pull up this topic first. Inventor is the name of a computer-aided-design and drafting software. Essentially it is a parametric 3D modeler, and is a direct competitor of software such as SolidWorks, and CATIA, although the latter remains dominant in the aeronautic and automotive industries.

AutoDesk Inventor is used for drawing, part design, assembly, and simulation of products. Inventor is capable of sheet metal part design as well as surface design and modeling. AutoDesk is the creator of such software as AutoCAD, which dominates the 2D design and drafting world, and 3D Max, which dominates the 3D animation market. Well, Inventor is AutoDesk’s answer to SolidWorks and CATIA, in that it is intended for the design, development and testing of 3D products.

Inventor is pretty sophisticated, although CATIA diehards will tell you that nothing compares to CATIA, the grandmother of all 3D CAD modeling software. The testing environment allows, for example, load and stress analysis of both parts and assemblies. You can also create photorealistic representations (images) and animations (videos) of your assemblies using the Inventor Studio utility that comes bundled with Inventor Professional. Inventor has modules that support collaborate work environments, whereby files can be checked in and out of the shared space and only edited by one user at a time, so that there is no risk of erasing another’s work. (This module is called Inventor Vault). There are also modules for sharing your work with customers, colleagues and others in your supply chain that let you keep your design data proprietary.

If you’re a designer or a product engineer looking to supplement your resume and augment your skillset, we recommend that you get your hands on some Inventor tutorials so you can get up to speed quickly. There are a few effective training programs, provided directly by AutoDesk and their resellers, or reputed third-party companies that hold membership in the AutoDesk Developer Network. Inventor is gaining market share in industries like medical and communications product design, so if you’re not focusing solely on automotives and aeronautic industries, Inventor may be pretty useful software to have under your belt. There are a variety of reputed Inventor tutorials providers that can give you the highest quality at the lowest price. Look for Inventor tutorials that offer coverage in the fundamentals, as well as some of the intermediate skill sets like Inventor Studio, sheet metal design and assembly, and surface modeling part design and assembly. This will give you foundation in the essentials as well as a more advanced skill level, which can offer some very nice padding for your resume. Autodesk Inventor tutorials are a sure fire way to get you ahead of the learning curve.


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