New Nvidia Titan X 2016

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At the end of last week, Nvidia unveiled the awesome Pascal version of the TitanX, the Nvidia TitanX which is not to be confused with the Geforce GTX Titan X of Nvidia Titan X not to be confused with the GTX Titan X from 2015. Official release date is August 2nd 2016. So lets see some specs:

GTX Titan X GTX 1080 Nvidia Titan X
Release Date 17-Mar-2015 27-May-2016 02-Ag-2016
Transistors 8 Billion 7.2 Billion 12 Billion
CUDA Cores 3072 2560 3584
Base Core Clock 1000 1607 1417
Boost Core Clock 1089 1733 1531
GigaPixels per Second 96 102.8 136 projected
Teraflops 6.6 8.9 11

Nvidia has kept the card a secret with suppliers expecting a new Titan X card in January of 2017, well on August 2nd of this year, the most powerful Pascal card (outside of scientific) is heading our way. 11 Teraflops of power put the new, sorry, puts the Nvidia Titan X up to 60 Faster than the previous Titan X from last year. That’s a sensational amount of power in a non-scientific card with a major boost in core clock speed thanks to the low power Pascal architecture. Strongbox was able to get 350 MHz added boost to the 2015 Titan X GPU with a whole 600MHz added boost to the GTX 1080, we are expecting big things from the Nvidia Titan X, will we reach 2000MHz, maybe not but 1800MHz seems very achievable while keeping within safe temperature margins.

At this moment in time we will have to wait for the release date to get our hands on the Nvidia Titan X and get some benchmarks, until then all we can do is gawk at the above specs and watch the release video below.

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