Strongbox announce Pay Monthly fibre connection

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Strongbox have built so many innovative products over the last few years and we have been
listening to our customers who although they adore Strongbox, they want to move to co-location or
a remote access Data Center model and they bemoan the situations they face with fibre connection
and the issues regarding connectivity and the problems of changing providers and the tie-in to long

Many really want to move but feel they cannot because of the thought of jumping into
the unknown with their hardware and wondering “will it really work as well as I am told?”. And of
course everybody has a different opinion they are more than happy to share on what’s the best way
of doing things and the hardware to use.

Strongbox have decided to revolutionise the way fibre is provided to film and TV companies who
want to move to a secure Data Centre from today.

  • Strongbox offers you:
    The opportunity to put some of your existing servers or Strongbox rendering or workstation
    hardware into our own Strongbox racks in the best DC in London or you can rent as much
    rack space as you want yourself direct – your choice.
  • A pay monthly 1Gb to 40GB pipe from one of the leading providers in the world – so no tie
    in, try it for a month or two and if it is not working how you need then cancel and move out.
    No long-term contract and monthly pricing only 10% more than the annualised cost. After
    proving the concept works for you swap over to an annualised or multi-year plan to get
    more discount if you want.
  • Strongbox can provide all the hardware and do all the setup and remote access so it works, first time, all the time.

So you in effect have a full trial of running your studio or office remotely and you can scale as
necessary from the first week. Of course, the next question is:

“how much does all this cost?”

Well as Fiorello L Guardia said: “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” but you pay only for the service you use, so the installation of the hardware, maybe a few hours, the set up, ditto, the rack space which includes electric and aircon on a 1U plus basis per month, the 1G plus pipe on a pay as you need basis per month, and the remote access and management and support if you want it. We can do as much or as little as you like but we can provide a total remote access solution that works seamlessly and correctly.

How many times have we heard the statement “Oh I can’t move to a DC because I am tied in with my current provider” Well we have a way around that but you need to talk to us. If you are serious about changing to a DC remote set up we can help so you don’t have the massive penalties and break clauses. Or you can talk to your current reseller and they will tell you it is not possible and how you are contractually tied in. Your choice.

Would you like Strongbox to prove remote access is right for you? Call us now and lets book some rack space and a pipe and get you set up asap.

Strongbox innovate for you