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We are a computer manufacturer based in Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire UK. Known for building focused workstations, servers, render farms and providing scalable storage solutions. Established in 2014 by motivated IT professionals to produce a range of reliable, super-fast computers which would be demonstrably better than anything else on the market. The performance of every computer would be tailored to the client’s software requirements and set-up, resulting in maximum performance and reliability. We launched to the market in 2015 and won immediate business with leading media and film companies. Strongbox has grown organically focusing on the B2B market supplying high-end workstations into the Film and TV production companies where there is a requirement for massive processing power. Strongbox delivers that in spades and has had massive success supplying some of the biggest film entities in the world.

Strongbox Computers was created with one simple premise in mind – to build the fastest and most reliable computers money can buy. Technical Director, Brian Gannon got his first computer – an Atari 800XL – at the age of 8 and from then on, knew that his life would be all about computers. When he was 12, Brian published his first computer game – Sidewinder – and went on to create some mathematical Jello cubes for the Commodore Amiga demo scene, gleaning him some industry attention. He later moved to London from his native Ireland when it became obvious he needed a richer technical environment and he started a successful computer repair company.

This developed his insight into customer-based problem solving and he then began honing the performance of machines to suit customer needs. He created trading computers for the retail finance sector, but over time was drawn to the film industry, as he felt that’s where his talents would be beneficial. It was Brian’s wish to optimise the performance, stability and user-experience which brought him to the notice of his present partners. Brian felt he could turn his experience and knowledge into a viable business for the right investors who would appreciate the ethos and ethics involved in bringing his ideas to the market. Strongbox Computers Ltd was formed with excellence and customer-focus at its core – and that bit of magic which makes the heart thump faster.

In 2017 Strongbox was chosen by Global Distribution, probably the best media product distribution company in the world, to build high-performance computers for their resellers and in 2018 will be opening its doors to business in the US. Every company needs Strongbox. After three very busy years, Strongbox is at the absolute forefront of IT development and is launching three new products in the second quarter of 2017.